Inbound Customer Service is a full-time job, where you require a full time, round the clock, 24/7 team of professionals answering calls. Rather than hiring a team, training them, creating office space, why not have someone do it for you? OGS is here to offer such service for you, just a phone call away. Let our professional, trained team help you manage the customer’s requests/complaints/queries and let yourself have the time to work on your plans and strategies.


Cold calling, settlement appointments, interview calls, new services information to be shared with customers, follow-ups are required in one form or another by any organization. We at OGS have a specialized team to do just that. Why waste man-hours on such workings when we are here to support your needs


Direct sales & lead generation is the best way to gain your prospective customers. At VTBPO, we are adhering to generate quality leads in a short time through numerous sales techniques.

To gain prospective clients, cold calling customers for direct sales and lead generation is, at times, required. Aiming for small TATs, using sales techniques by our trained professionals, we intend to get in touch with the max amount of people.

Using our services, with the added benefit of the tried-and-tested approach, gaining you the possibility of gaining customers to be diverted to your Sales team. In turn, gaining you more avenues of revenue. We intend to gain for your Sales team the right customers which will help assist to build a strong prospective pipeline for your future endeavors.