Business intelligence is the necessity of today’s business world. The BI gains information from all over, analyzing it, using previous and current trends, devise a plan for prospective opportunities, cutting costs and assist in revenue opportunities. Surfing the web, local newspapers, online TV channels to gain information, is the job for our trained and specialized professional team of BIs. They then summarize the data into concise and relevant information that might be required by our clients in order to assist them, therefore, saving them countless hours of research.


Efficient use of modern data management tools is the need of today and wants of the majority of businesses. Initially, at the beginning of a Start-Up, the data aggregated is small and manageable, but once as it grows, so does the requirement for proper management of data in a precise and orderly manner. Such is a tedious job and require a team to do so, hence, increasing costs and man-hours to compile such data.

What we offer is our trained professionals and our servers at your beck-n-call. You provide us with your raw data and we shall, on your given instructions, will have your data analyzed, compiled accordingly, saving you hours of work to be appropriate for your business.


In this day-n-age, the paper-less technology has grown, making physical documents to be made digital for ease of access by companies all over. Such data could be in the thousands or hundreds of thousands of files, therefore, creating digital copies of such data time-consuming job that might require assigning a part of your workforce to work on it. OGS offers to do the job for you, saving you time and personnel to work on other jobs.